11-12 Jahre


by Guy Krneta 
translated by Uwe Dethier and Charles Way
Dauer: 55 Minuten    
Premiere: 11. September 2013
Elisabeth Heckel sings, dances and plays Jacky's big show of life. Now it it Jacky's time to take the center stage. Whatever sho does, her parents compare Jacky with her brother Jack, who fell out of the window at the age of three. Even though they never met. Jack affects Jacky's whole live. But now she is fighting for being unique, for love and attention.
Spielort: | Dauer: 55 Minuten    
Regie: Kay Wuschek | Theaterpädagogik: Eva-Maria Reimer | Dramaturgie: Amelie Mallmann | Bühne: Angelika Wedde | Choreografie: Marina Krauser | mit: Elisabeth Heckel